iCareer Training Points
  • What are iCareer Training points?
Points can be collected freely in iCareer Training website by couple of means:
  1. Each daily visit to the website grants you 0.5 a point if you
  2. “Refer” a friend to iCareer Training via a special link in your “Members Area” .. you get 10 points.
  3. You earn 5 points just for signing up, 1 point for each review you make & points for each quiz you take.
  4. Completing specific courses will grant you some points. as you can see.
  • How can I spend iCareer Training points?
Points can be exchanged for opening courses, this means you can simply earn points by doing some free activities and watch all the PAID courses by spending these points on the website.
  • What is  “iCareer Community Membership”?
Please go here for more details.
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